Celebrate New Year’s Eve in St Barts!

The island is at its zenith for the new year’s eve festivities, and there are many of them! To get a clearer picture, the Smart Guide Team is providing a non-exhaustive snapshot of the celebrations you might encounter, and the parties you may be excited to join.

You certainly have heard about New Year’s Eve in St Barts, but what is exactly going on on this island to make this occasion so special? Let’s have a tour.


On land, hotels, villas and restaurants are fully booked, shops and boutiques burst into colors and show their most beautiful and/or eccentric clothes, shoes and accessories, the wine cellars take out their tastiest bottles of wine and champagne, caviar will be served at breakfast, champagne at tea time…

If some have arrived by air several days before in an uninterrupted ballet of planes and private jets, others prefer a last-minute triumphant arrival by helicopter, either landing wisely at the airport, or touching down on yachts’ decks, filling the air with a cloud of motorized dragonflies.

Motoryacht Sycara 143 Burger

The sea itself is wearing jewels, with the most beautiful and impressive boats and yachts like The Serene, The Rising Sun, Sycara Yacht The Limitless, Le Grand Bleu, The A, The Luna or L’Eclipse (owned by billionaire businessman Roman Abramovich, who usually invites superstar bands at his villa, like The Red Hot Chili Peppers, King Of Leons, The Black Eyed Peas, Prince, The Black Keys…).


Talking about celebrities, many stars like to spend new year’s eve in St Barts. For its craziness, its festive spirit, and its magnificence. Among those who showed up just once and those who come every year, we can name Leonardo Di Caprio, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, the Kardashian family, Johnny Hallyday, Kendall Jenner, Harry Styles, Ellen DeGeneres, Beyonce and Jay Z, Puff Daddy, Beyoncé, Jessica Alba, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Paul Allen, Rupert Murdoch, Steven Spielberg, the Rothschilds, Mickaël Sylvestre, Jean Reno, Jack Nicholson, Michael Douglas, Bono, Marc Jacobs, Maria Carey, Bon Jovi, Denzel Washington, Linda Evangelista, Usher, Hugh Jackman… The list goes on and on, and as we can not name everyone, just play the game, look around, and try to identify them!

During the day, while some team up in the kitchens, set the tables, shop for their outfit or take out of the cellar their best champagne selection, others set sail for the New Year’s Eve Regatta: some of the most beautiful sailboats parade for a race around the island during the afternoon.


At dinner time, it is time for conviviality, between friends, and to gather around a mouth-watering menu, either cooked by a private chef at your villa, or delivered by a caterer on your yacht, or even prepared by a starred chef in a luxury restaurant. Foie gras, truffles, oysters, caviar… Nothing is ever too delicious nor too eccentric for a new year’s eve in St Barth. Time also to sip original cocktails, to taste delicate wines, to dance until feeling dizzy… unless it’s the champagne?


When the clock strikes twelve, a massive roaring fills the harbor, all boats and yachts horn loudly for the new year that just started. Some of them even use their flares to illuminate the dark skies, joined by the private fireworks launched from the villas and the yachts, and accompany the impressive firework display offered by the Collectivité, set off from the Fort Oscar overlooking the city and the harbor of Gustavia.

Among all festivities prepared by bars, hotels, restaurants and night clubs, many of them are worth a tour.

but which one will suit your spirit of celebration? For instance, here are a few places that have already been successful in the past years and that can be named.

Bagatelle (Gustavia Harbour)

Bagatelle st barts restaurant smart guide 9

Le Bagatelle is having a “Royal Party, from Versailles to Bagatelle”, with a special menu for the occasion, and suggest royally-named packages going from 2 to 20 people, including the special menu + bottles of wine and champagne.

Baz Bar (Gustavia Harbour)


The BAZ Bar will prepare an “Omakase Menu”, suggesting specialties as usual traditionally inspired by the Japan cuisine, and arranged with festive additions to celebrate the year’s transition. Note that it is not rare to have Jimmy Buffett stopping by to salute the BAZ’s owner, his friend Jean-Marc, and grab the mike to chant a few classics…

Eden Rock Hotel (St Jean Bay)


The Eden Rock is also in the place, with an “Into the Wild” party, offering “safari lodges” with 3 different formulas including a cocktail, a refined gourmet dinner specially prepared by Chefs Jean-Georges Vongerichten & Éric Desbordes, and bottles of wine and champagne. The dinner will be followed by an Exotic Beach Party, obviously offering music, fireworks and various attractions…

La Plage (St Jean Bay)


La Plage offers dinner packages from 2 to 16 guests, hosted by St Barth Angels, and is planning a celebration on its white sandy beach: besides the gourmet menu prepared by Chef David Sendron, there will be magic in the air, music with DJ Sasha Muki, in one of the best spots for St Jean Bay fireworks. Have a taste of paradise with the St Barth Angels!

Le Ti St Barth (Pointe Milou)

Le Ti St Barth is preparing his “The Avener” New Year’s Eve with an exclusive DJ set after show. Not much we know about it so far, but dancing on the tables at Carole’s Places has always been a non-disappointing staple of the St Bart’s parties!

Nikki Beach (St Jean Bay Pelican side)


Nikki Beach suggests to celebrate New Year’s Eve under the stars in its “Magical Garden” with packages for 4 people, including a special dinner for the occasion, and its selection of champagne. The after party will start with Jack-E and his magical musical performance, followed by the private, intimate and exclusive performance of John Legend. New year’s eve under the stars indeed!

Shellona (Gustavia Shell Beach)


The Shellona, for the occasion, is having over a collaboration between three of Paris underground’s hottest exports: “Apollonia”, the imprint and DJ outfit from Shonky, Dan Ghenacia and Dyed Soundorom. To refresh while moving on the dance floor, 4 packages of drinks will be suggested, with a selection of champagne, vodka and tequila. Cheers!

For one special night, anything can happen, everything is permitted, luxury and splendour are the key words, on this island that never looses its friendly atmosphere. And for one night, locals, seasonal workers, tourists, holiday makers, vacation house owners, stars and celebrities have one single motto echoing from hills to beaches and from land to sea:




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