25 Quarter

Opened in 2015, the Quarter Bar is the only street food restaurant in Gustavia, serving a selection of tapas-style dishes with a faultless list of cocktails

The Place

Located at the heart of Gustavia, on a small cobbled street, the Quarter Bar is the new place to be for a relaxed evening with friends and good food. On the menu, a selection of the most popular street foods across the world, from Bao buns, Asian-inspired meat tacos, dumplings and plant-based experimental small dishes, these will be the perfect vehicles to soak up the delicious cocktails you will be sampling throughout the night, from classics such a mojito or Moscow mule, to some special creations using the mixologist’s favorite liquor, Bourbon. Their collection of spirits is remarkable, spanning from whisky, bourbon, and including very rare bottles. Open till late, the Quarter Bar is the perfect place for a casual evening with friends, or the first step to a long night out if you’re in the mood to spice things up a little bit.


Opened just recently by two street food lovers, the Quarter Bar is the first place that dedicates its menu to street foods of all sorts. The fairly-sized space, including a few tables outside, is decorated just like some of the trendiest street food places in Brooklyn or London: it feels like walking into a Marvel comic book, with bright colors and a friendly atmosphere. A must try if you’re in the mood for a casual dining experience surrounded by delightful cocktails.

High Points

Street food, divine cocktails, casual atmosphere

Credit photos : © Pierre Carreau