Apero Palace

Not enough time to go to the supermarket or to stop at the wine cellar? Friends stopping by unexpectedly? Or last minute need? Don’t panic: Apéro Palace will allow you to have a festive night, thanks to its fast delivery service.

About Apero Palace

There are many reasons why you might need to call on Apéro Palace: a dinner invitiation for which you don’t have time to bring a bottle of wine, some friends improvising an aperitif at your place (but they already stopped by the day before and emptied your bar), a football match that just started and deserves a nice fresh beer to be watched with, a never-ending poker party, or just willing to extend an after-dinner with champagne in charming company…

Apéro Palace delivers snacks, soft and alcoholic beverages to your place, from 8PM to 5AM, seven days a week. In less than 30 minutes, anything you need for your personal bar can be delivered right on your own doorstep, or to any other convenient place of your choice: beer, wine (red, white, rosé), champagne (no less than 6 different names), spirits (vodka, whisky, rum, gin, tequila…), soft drinks (water, fruit juice or soda). The list is wide-ranging, and everything will be supplied at the perfect temperature according to its kind and requirement. Also on the menu, a selection of snacks to accompany your drinks: chips, olives, peanuts, and even ice cream or sushis, like California rolls or Japanese Bagel rolls! To help you make your selection, Apéro Palace suggests 4 different packages including a snack, a bottle of liquor or beer, and a soft drink.

Just sit, order, relax, and 30 minutes after, Cheers!