Art of Self Care by Diana Bourel

The Art of Self Care is a suite of a-la-carte signature services ( yoga, destination retreats and transpersonal work)

About Diana

Diana Bourel is a yoga instructor and transpersonal therapist whose work has been highlighted in several international publications, including Tatler, the London Times, Fit Yoga, Robb Report.… A longtime St. Barts resident, she has over 20 years experience in the field of wellness as a teacher and consultant. Creator of the Art of Self Care, she combines Eastern traditional philosophy and medicine with Western contemporary healing traditions and techniques.

What is the Art of Self Care ?

The Art of Self Care is a suite of a-la-carte signature services (Yoga, destination retreats and transpersonal work) intended to improve the physical, emotional and spiritual ranges of the human experience.

Private services can be booked for private individual or group work in studio or on-location, on or off island.


MAT CLASSES 60, 90 or 120 minutes

Diana, certified in several yoga traditions (Hatha, Ashtanga,Therapeutic and Vinyasa) curates her yoga class to address the specific needs and requests of students. Personalized and detailed instruction, hands-on corrections, a mindful understanding of individual health baselines make for highly creative and thoughtful “no script” mixes that highlight the science and the art of yoga.
Private individual and group classes can be booked in studio, at the Venus Health & Beauty Spa in the heart of Gustavia, or on location in your hotel, villa or yacht.

Diana also teaches regularly scheduled community yoga classes year-round in her Gustavia studio at the Venus Health & Beauty Spa. Schedule and rates are on
Drop-ins and class packs available.

Hatha Yoga                      
Perhaps the most widely practiced form of postural yoga. Through poses, or asanas sequenced in a specific manner, you learn to create zones of high and low pressure in different parts of the body that create energy shifts. All categories of poses, including adaptive modifications are taught.

Yoga zen
This restorative class goes slow and deep to reduce joint and tissue inflammation, physical and mental tension. As the nervous system relaxes through exploratory long holds, deeper states of awareness will relax the nervous system, improve sleep quality, and provide a safe harbor for whatever is going on in life. The class ends with a meditation/relaxation.

Body Tuning Yoga
Body Tuning yoga is a therapeutic approach to yoga that expands the body-mind connection. Corrective therapeutic exercises break down asanas into their foundational bases so you learn to unlock areas of the body where movement and life have been impaired. Spaciousness, awareness and freedom, improved balance, greater core strength and mindfulness are the glowing result.

Aquavit Water Yoga                                                       
Taught in pool or beach and using flotation devices, students use water resistance and reduced gravity environment for no-impact water asanas and movement that alternate locomotion and static exercises, cardiovascular conditioning and strength training to improve micro-circulation, combat cellulite, challenge balance, and tone up the body. Excellent for anyone recuperating from joint surgery. Wonderful class to take as a family, or as part of a special event (weddings, anniversaries…


Throughout the year, destination retreats are an opportunity to unpack the teachings more fully and dig deep outside of the normal stress factors. Wrapped around a core of yoga, healthy eating, detox and spiritual exploration, these retreats help you tag back in, do the deep work of healing and cleaning, repairing and restoring.


Sessions are available on location or through remote technology

Transpersonal Work – Coming Home
Coming Home transpersonal is a unique 1-on-1 experience that employs different techniques to identify problems, concerns, aspirations and access a subtle level of awareness towards sustainable life-enhancing solutions. Learn how to stimulate your inner self-healing for a deep sensation of peace, connection and wellbeing.

The Intelligence Edge – A Toolkit for Executives
Using a multi-disciplinary, highly personalized approach to healing, the session is meant to help the Executives to develop effective and sustainable self-care solutions to treat stress, anxiety and depression and help them to keep running at maximal performance level.

Class Schedule

Group class : 7:00am to 8:30am (Monday to Saturday ), 1:15pm to 2:30pm (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), 7:15 to 8:30pm (upon appointment)

Private class : upon appointment  (Monday to Sunday)



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