If you wish to combine nature, decoration and faraway destinations, Sonia de Baya and her boutique will take you there.

The place

As soon as you enter the Baya boutique, you will face a 100-year-old large photograph of a young Berber Tunisian woman dressed in traditional costume, symbol of Sonia’s boutique, as a reminder of the past time and of her Touareg family origins, and more specifically of the grand-mother who raised her, and whose name was… Baya. Sonia will greet you barefoot, dressed in colorful clothing and will invite you to walk around the shop. As the nomad she is, you too will feel like travelling, overwhelmed by secnts of jasmine and orange, dazzled by colorful fabrics and clothes. The pieces come from all over the world and have all been selected for a reason: candles from Portual, potteries from Ethiopia, tapestries from Bolivia, baskets from India, pillows from Morocco, lamps from Egypt…among many others on display.

Origin & Concept

Sonia arrived from Toulouse, France, in St Barts in 2012. Her passion for home design reminded her of the home-decorating boutique she used to have back there, and 2 years after, in December 2014, she opened Baya, in the rue du Général de Gaulle, Gustavia. Success was immediate, thanks to her attention paid to every object, chosen among carefully-selected artisanal resources. Her priority goes to her ecological, ethical and social convictions: the story of an object, its manufacturing, takes precedence over its material aspect.

Why Baya?

The materials that compose all these imaginative and authentic items are noble and natural (linen, canvasses, wood and banana fiber, mango tree wood, terra cotta, leather…), and will fit in perfect harmony with St Barth’s local homes.