Baz Bar

Baz Bar sits along Gustavia’s wharf and is adorned with gorgeous teak wood, giving it a decor that is one part luxury restaurant, one part local tavern and one part pirate ship.

The Place

From afar, people gathered, mojito in hand, in front of small yet charming local abode. There’s every chance they’re listening to one of the BAZ’s artists, who each year perform, for a few days to a fortnight, in this world-famous sushi bar. Because the BAZ (which stands for Le Bête à Z’ailes, named after a flying local insect) is not merely a restaurant, it is a legendary institution. Not only is it one of the most reliable establishments in terms of food quality (sushi, prepared fresh using locally sourced products), its atmosphere is of true character. Whether you’re in the mood for an intimate relaxed evening or looking for a place to start a long night out, the BAZ Bar always delivers.


Founded by Jean-Marc LeFranc many years ago, the BAZ Bar St Barth is somewhat magical: artists such as Barely Covered or KJ Denhert have proudly performed on its humble yet solid grounds. The place encompasses many things at once: gastronomic restaurant, Caribbean tavern with an air of a pirate ship. It is these many faces that have made the BAZ one of the must-sees of our little Caribbean gem: elegance, style, simplicity and authenticity, coupled with an ambiance you will never forget. The Caribbean par excellence.

High Points

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