Stunning views on Gustavia yacht-filled harbor and an exquisite fusion of Latino and French cuisines with a Caribbean touch: welcome to Bonito Saint Barth!

 Bonito St Barth

Nestled on a hill overlooking Gustavia’s harbor, Bonito Saint Barts is one of the island’s most famous restaurants, praised by foodies the world over. Delicate forms and colours array this traditional and spacious colonial abode, with an open kitchen and a modern twist on exotic flavours, from cocktail glass to plate. Perfect for those seeking a romantic gastronomic dinner,  Bonito also has a resident DJ from 9pm, just in case you’re in the mood to spice things up a little bit.

Chef Laurent’s culinary style, French in roots but inspired by ten years spent living in South America, produces bold flavors that work extremely well once combined.  Bonito offers fresh, locally sourced seafood, prepared in all sorts of manners, from raw to stews, grilled, and salads.


Laurent’s extensive travels have given him a special perspective on food and flavors. After working in some of France’s most acclaimed Michelin-starred establishments, Troisgros in Roannes and Guy Savoie in Paris, he brought his French touch all the way across the Atlantic and worked as a sous-chef in Daniel Boulud’s infamous Daniel’s in New York. As if that was not enough, he then became Caracas’ Café Atlantique’s executive chef. Now somewhere in between these two locations, he’s contributing to Saint Barths’ culinary prestige by creating magic in each and every plate with passion and a unique savoir-faire inherited from his brilliant background.

High Points

Extraordinary views, ceviche bar, exotic gastronomy, infamous cocktail bar

Editing by Pauline de Reynal

Images : © Pierre Carreau – © Roméo Balancourt