Deep Love

Ideally located in the heart of Gustavia, a new concept store just opened in the renowned and classy Cour Vendôme: Deep Love. No wonder it will be soon highly busy, as one can find here many original and valuable pieces.


The Cour Vendôme is well-knowned for hosting some of the most prestigious and upscale international brands. Since December 2016, one can now complement their luxury shopping by entering a unique concept store: Deep Love. As a matter of fact, here you will find an extensive selection of items, going from clothes and shoes to accessories, from jewelry to home decoration or floral composition. As much as the selection, carefully studied by the creators of the store Meggy and Charles, is hand-made and singular, the boutique is also arranged to fit these unique pieces: everything is custom-made, from the items for sale to the displays showcasing them. Meggy and Charles are proud to have the exclusivity on the island to represent some of their retailers: Djula Joaillerie Paris, Nizhoni (ponchos, jewels, home decoration), Hells BCN (bathing suits), Petite-Terre (bathing suits), Sand Coachella (interior and home decoration), St Barth Essentiel (candles), Varda Designs (floral composition).

Origin & Concept

Originally from Guadeloupe, Meggy and Charles never stopped dreaming about opening their own boutique and live in St Barts where they were used to coming several times per year. For that purpose, Meggy and Charles decided to gather several ideas in one single place to create a concept store, and fill it with original –if not sometimes unique– hand-made pieces that they have patiently assembled and carefully selected for a discerning clientele. This is how their motto came spontaneously to their mind: “Select fashion for select people”.

Why Deep Love?

As for the name of the store, it is simply a love story: the love for St Barts island, the love Meggy and Charles have for each other, celebrated by famous floral designer Djordje VARDA for their wedding day, who became a friend, and whose photographs taken in the water depths were published in a book called Deep”. Come and have a look at this concept store: the there is no doubt that, when it is your turn, you will fall in love. Deeply.