Truly authentic Caribbean cuisine nestled in a charming tropical garden at the heart of Gustavia: Eddy’s St Barth will make you fall in love with our delightful culinary heritage

The Place

You would probably never have expected this tiny island to have such a rich gastronomic repertoire. Yet it shows how St Barth has been able, over the centuries to absorb many different cultures to form an opulent range of dishes that spans from fish, meat and seafood, as well as vegetarian. Genuine Caribbean cuisine is all about freshness: raw or grilled locally sourced fish, meat or seafood that gets spanked by a bold, confident use of local spices. Eddy’s does it like no other restaurant. Our personal recommendation would have to be the homemade codfish ‘accras’, bitesize pieces of fried fish that will transport your tastebuds to heaven for the three seconds it takes you to eat them. Why not try this along with the traditional goat curry, a grilled lobster with its special ‘sauce Chien’ or the delicate mahi-mahi wok noodles, a true staple in this establishment. We’ve saved the best for last: at the end of the meal, the owners will personally deliver a shot of their homemade traditional passion fruit, vanilla or ginger rum, so you end your meal in true Caribbean style (they may perhaps even leave the bottle on the table if you ask nicely).


Founded in the 1980s by Eddy Stakelborough, son of Le Select-owner and local celebrity Marius Stakelborough, Eddy’s St Barth has ever since been a rendez-vous for the lovers of the abundant Caribbean cuisine. St Barth regulars always pay Eddy’s a visit: the key to his success is probably his unique ability to capture the richness of his heritage in a fresh, honest and delicious cuisine. The magic of this place is displayed in the restaurant’s atmosphere, inspired by the history of St Barth: an island of infinite, rough beauty, a harbor of peace for sailors from all over the Caribbean, and flavours that attest St Barth’s multicultural influences and its people’s taste for adventure. A must-try.

High Points

Authentic Caribbean cuisine, local and refined atmosphere, homemade rum, delicious food