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St Barth’s ultimate catering company, offering only the best of services for all things edible

 Fresh West Indies catering

Fresh West Indies is St Barth’s most renowned catering company, infamous for its wide range of ready-to-eat meals: sushi, salads, fresh sandwiches, mains and desserts are sold everyday in the AMC supermarkets (AMC Gustavia, Supérette de l’Aéroport St Jean and Minimart Lorient). Fresh West Indies has the particularity of offering a variety of cuisines, from Scandinavian to Thai, Caribbean, European and healthy (Freshhealthy Club, privileging organic and natural products), for a reasonable price.

As well as their delicious ready-to-eats, Fresh West Indies also proposes unique luxury catering services:

Fresh West Indies Prestige & Catering

The concept aims at offering high quality catering and tailored to your wishes.  Fresh West Indies Prestige will organise your dinner and cocktail parties, or virtually any type of event with a team of professionals trained at only delivering the best of experiences.

NEW Sushi Box!

Deluxe Box Assortment with the SUSHI BOX. For additional information please check our price list.

Fresh High Points

Wide range of ready-to-eat meals, possibility of ordering a day before, high quality catering upon request.

  • Accepts Credit Card
  • 24/7 Delivery Services
  • Events Services
  • Private Chef

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