Human Steps

Shoes and accessories of luxury brands, carefully selected, certainly for their fine quality, fabrics and fabrication, but also for their informality and simplicity. Human Steps is not a flashy place, it is a casual –and nonetheless chic– store, where to find how to subtly highlight sobriety.

The Boutique

Ideally located in the heart of Gustavia, capital of St Barts, the Human Step team will welcome you in a beautiful boutique, entirely designed by Johannes Zingerle from Design Affair. The sleek lines value the high-quality products on display, to enhance the top-end manufacture and the carefully-selected materials. Being a local brand, its has a complete independence, allowing the free selection of its own products, adapted to both the local clientele and the tourist guests of the island. A good reason too to stay open all year round, and continuously from morning until late evening during the high seasons to adapt to the tourists’ schedule. The collections arrive usually earlier, to adapt to the local high season, occurring prematurely compared to Europe or USA, and new products are delivered every week from October to April to renew the series. The store window is updated weekly, showing different products regularly in a spectacular staging, carefully arranged thanks to Marlène’s tireless energy and sharpened expertise.


Human Step was created in 1996. The creator, Françoise, working in the luxury fashion by passion and by taste, developed the brand according to the clientele’s evolution. The first boutique to open used to offer shoes and clothes from famous French brands. Then came the Italian brands, and the offering was diversified with the opening of a manswear store. Seven years ago, the range was redirected to adapt to the clients’ demand, and apart from Yves Saint-Laurent tunics –perfectly adorning the mannequins–, only shoes and accessories are now offered. Françoise is completely committed and dedicated to her regular customers, and has adapted to their requirements: luxury brands are present – Balenciaga, Yves Saint-Laurent, Gucci, Stella McCartney, Tod’s, Jimmy Choo, Givenchy, Zanotti, Miu Miu–, but the shoe and accessory lines are selected for their informality and sobriety. Customers come to Human Step not only for the selection of a high-quality manufacture, but also for the friendly attention payed to them.

Why Human Steps?

When Françoise first decided to create her activity, it was a big jump: her first step into fashion. As she likes to state, Françoise likes to take her customers’s needs into consideration, and it is frequent to see a client from last year’s season cross the road simply to greet her. It came as no surprise that the name of her store had to reflect both the footstep she wanted to mark and the human adventure she had started, now an unquestionable success!

©Photos: Emily Labouérie