Le Grain de Sel

At the entrance of Saline beach, location of the island’s saltworks, Le Grain de Sel offers a delightful Caribbean Creole cuisine

The Place

Nestled in the island’s wilder parts, near Saline stunning beach (arguably one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire world), Le Grain de Sel is a simple yet elegantly presented restaurant with unique Caribbean Creole (French Caribbean) flavors. For lunch, the chef proposes a wide range of traditional Caribbean dishes as well as French and fusion foods. For dinner, the menu changes to exclusively Caribbean-inspired recipes, which will give you the opportunity to discover our rich culinary heritage in an unparalleled setting. Our personal recommendation goes towards the traditional conch stew, stuffed ‘christophine’ (local root vegetable) or local roasted prawns with beer sauce. For desert, try the ‘blanc manger coco’, a light coconut flan and the chef’s special. A simple yet effective cuisine that will please those looking for new flavors.


Eddy, originally from the neighbouring island of Guadeloupe, is an expert in creole cooking, and has always been able to bring out the magic and individuality of Caribbean cuisine in each and every plate. His versatility as a chef also means that he sought to mix the richness of world food with his background, creating flavors that truly match.

Hight points

Saline beach, traditional Caribbean cooking, fusion food