Le Papillon Ivre

St Barth’s first traditional French wine bar: Le Papillon Ivre will only offer you the best of France’s illustrious wine heritage

The Place

Situated in St Jean, Le Papillon Ivre is St Barth’s new craze, an absolute must for those seeking a casual night while sipping quality wine and sampling some of France’s traditional delicacies. In this small establishment, you will have the opportunity, nay the pleasure of delighting your tastebuds with premium quality wines and a selection of tapas-style dishes such as foie gras, cheese or ‘charcuterie’, perfect for sharing and wine-pairing. This traditional way of savoring wine is unique to France, and is a must-try is St Barth’s gastronomic repertoire for a truly unforgettable experience with friends.


Designed by no other than St Barth’s prominent interior designer Karine Brunel, Le Papillon Ivre was opened only last year by oenologist Julie Campion, who wanted to bring their passion for the spirit of the gods all the way to St Barthélémy. Papillon Ivre, French for ‘drunk butterfly’, is a place of conviviality and sharing, where the culture of wine tasting and good food has always been a unifying factor in the French culture. IN VINO VERITAS.

High points

Only wine bar in St Barths, French food, casual and elegant atmosphere

©Photos: Gabriella Imperatori-Penn