Le Select

St Barth’s most relaxed and authentic place, perfect for an ice-cold beer or a ‘ti-punch’ Caribbean style

The Place

While strolling around the charming streets of Gustavia, there is one place that will puzzle you for sure: Le Select, situated in the literal center of St Barth’s small yet lively capital. This bar and restaurant is located in a courtyard dominated by a large tree, and its local, infinitely laid back atmosphere will seduce even the poshest of visitors. It is the perfect place for a late afternoon drink, punctuated with locals speaking St Barthélémy’s traditional dialects, from French creole to local pidgin and broken English. If you feel like a snack, Le Select also offers a selection of burgers and grilled fish and meats (our personal recommendation is the grilled Mahi-Mahi) that are truly loyal to its iconic sign: ‘Cheeseburger in Paradise’, which recalls Jimmy Buffett’s legendary song. An absolute must.


Founded over 60 years by no other than St Barth’s very own local celebrity Marius Stakelborough, Le Select has become over the years one of the island’s iconic places, putting into perspective the Caribbean’s relaxed and infinitely tropical atmosphere. Frequented by locals and visitors alike, Le Select is as authentic as a place can be.

High points:

Laid back atmosphere, Cheeseburger in Paradise, local bar, world famous

Photo credit : Marco Glaviano courtesy of Space SBH Contemporary Art Gallery