Le Tamarin

In an infinitely charming tropical garden, dominated by a centenary tamarind tree, Le Tamarin is one of Saint Barthélémy’s iconic restaurants

The Place

On the wilder parts of the island, down a small hill on the road to Saline beach, Le Tamarin is situated in a luxuriant garden, whose fertile grounds have permitted a large variety of plants to grow peacefully, making it one of Saint Barth’s most beautiful and celebrated oases. In these fantastic premises lies an open restaurant, all in woodwork, which echoes the abundant nature around it. The cuisine, authentically French in style, is nevertheless inspired by local flavors and scents, and varies from lunch to dinner. The lunch menu is a lot lighter and crisp, offering a selection of grilled fish, meats and salads, as well as an outstanding list of starters inspired by the owners’ Southern French origin. For dinner, the menu becomes a tad more sophisticated, and offers more delicate and complex flavors. The bartender will also be available to prepare an assortment of cocktails or serve you some of the finest spirits known to mankind. With such a combination of food and setting, Le Tamarin is the place not-to-be-missed par excellence.


Le Tamarin has always been a staple for Saint Barth’s regulars as well as newcomers; yet it was recently purchased by a charming couple from Toulouse, South of France. Refurbished and designed by renowned Italian architect Johannes Zingerle, a true master of space, the place was given a new, fresh identity without losing its initial magic.

High Points

Tropical garden, magical setting, French gastronomy, local twist, amazing bar