Le Ti St Barth

St Barthélémy’s absolute musts, Caribbean tavern with an element of positive madness.

The Place

One of St Barthélémy’s absolute musts, Le Ti St Barth is a Caribbean tavern with an element of positive madness to it, a place where ‘water’ is an insult and a mojito comes straightaway with no additional charge.

Located in Pointe-Milou, in a narrow yet charming wooden abode, Le Ti St Barth is the inescapable rendezvous of all those seeking a crazy dinner punctuated with amazing food and an atmosphere we swear you will find in no other establishment in the entire world. Because Le Ti St Barth is not just a mere restaurant, it is an institution, an icon in St Barth’s rich gastronomic pallet. Chef Pascal Giglio, in charge of Le Ti’s kitchen since its opening in 1995, has always had a very simple philosophy when it came to cooking: ‘taste, and that’s it’. His kitchen is based around wood charcoal grilled meats and fish, and his 30 to 60 day-aged Angus Beef short rib has become one of the island’s most sought after delicacies, a legend the world over. With time, the menu adapted to different tastes and introduced Asian and Mediterranean-inspired dishes (truffle pasta, grilled lobster, tuna tataki…) but always using locally sourced products such as fresh fish and seafood. For dessert, you must try the pastry chef’s specialty strawberry cake, a true delight.

Yet what makes Le Ti what it is is as much the food as the festive atmosphere, where you dance the night away on the tables, pick out a ridiculously eccentric costume in its fancy dress corner, listen to the season’s greatest hits remixed by the house DJ and watch with wonders Le Ti’s famous dazzling cabaret show. An all-encompassing place for a great night out with friends.


Founded by Carole Gruson, St Barthélémy’s ‘Queen of the Night’, Le Ti St Barth is arguably the only place where, all at once, you can enjoy good food, attend a cabaret show, put on a costume and dance on tables, arms in the air like you just don’t care. Regulars, visitors and locals alike always pay Le Ti a visit, for its unparalleled atmosphere, where there is truly no tomorrow.

High points

Good food, amazing atmosphere, costume parlour, house DJ, cabaret shows