St Barthelemy’s most authentic and refined Italian restaurant just steps away from Gustavia habor: L’Isola will please the most demanding palates

The Place

From antipasto to dolce, L’Isola has become one of the symbols of St Barths’ ability to attract the most desirable restaurant owners and chefs. At the heart of the small town of Gustavia, L’Isola stands at the top of small stairs that lead into a tastefully decorated air-conditioned room filled with the scents of Italy. If you dare closing your eyes, these delicate perfumes will transport you all the way to Rome, city that the owner, Fabrizio Bianconi, is proud to call his hometown.

The cuisine, authentically Italian in style, offers only the best dishes, prepared with the finest ingredients exclusively imported from Italy. Antipasti, pasta, risotti and ‘secondi’ (meat and fish main courses) form the extensive yet extremely well established menu, in which there is a little bit for each taste. L’Isola also offers an outstanding wine list, in which one can denote some of the finest wines from Tuscany, Sicily and many other parts of the Italian peninsula.


If you sense a little déjà vu while savouring L’Isola’s exquisite food and think Santa Monica should be your first guess, think no further: Bianconi is also a partner in Via Veneto, another crown jewel of Italian cuisine abroad, and claimed one of Los Angeles’s best restaurants for ten years running.

High Points

Located in the heart of Gustavia, authentic Italian cuisine, exquisite menu, extensive wine list


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