Lolita Jaca

Silk and pattern galore in the heart of Gustavia, Lolita Jaca is the ultimate shopping destination for lovers of the finest fabrics


Lolita Jaca

Situated just steps away for Gustavia’s lively harbor, in the prestigious Carré D’Or shopping center, Lolita Jaca is one of St Barthélémy’s true fashion icons. Colors and patterns are the watchwords of this charming little boutique, where pieces are handmade and absolutely exclusive to the now world-famous brand. Easy to wear, comfortable, elegant and feminine, Lolita Jaca offers a wide range of shapes and colors that suit all morphologies in a delicate, effortless and refined manner.


A St Barth lover herself, Fabienne Jaca is the designer and owner of the brand, along with her sister have created for years collections that have proved to be one of St Barts’ biggest hits in each and every season, embodying the casual elegance of the island in the finest pieces. Although Lolita Jaca is distributed worldwide, we truly recommend paying the shop a visit so you can find the most exclusive pieces which, of course, are only available in the mother shop.

Why Lolita Jaca ?

Silk products, dresses, exclusive St Barth brand, world famous, unique patterns


  • A second boutique, Rue Lubin Brin in Gustavia, right next door to Bonito restaurant.


Annual closing September to mid-October