Maya’s restaurant

One of St Barth’s iconic restaurants, renowned for its impeccable Creole cuisine and daily-changing menu.

The Place

Situated on the very picturesque beach of Public, a bay home to many traditional boats, Maya’s is one St Barts’ absolute references in terms Creole gastronomy: a subtle and elegant interpretation of the Caribbean’s lively culinary heritage, filled with complimentary flavors and tender spiciness. Her simple and clean cuisine is characterised by locally sourced products, prepared in all sorts of manners, using traditional Caribbean techniques. The proximity of more luxuriant islands such as Guadeloupe ensures the quality of vegetables used, while St Barth’s dedicated fishermen provide Maya with fresh seafood, including Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo, red snapper, yellow fin tuna and lobster. With such local products, Maya only finds the best foreign produces to counterbalance them, and thus you will only be served meats or other types of fish of optimum quality. To finish your meal in Nirvana, Maya’s world-renowned desserts, such as homemade ice cream and sorbets, chocolate cake or coconut tart, are simply to die for.


Cited in the world famous 1,000 Places to Go Before you Die, Maya’s is rightfully one of the epicurean poles of Saint Barthélémy. Founded in 1984 by Martinique-born Maya and her American husband Randy who both, for eight years, lived on a sailboat before moving ashore, their impeccable love for food and quality products and their unique savoir-faire made this place one of St Barth’s most beloved dining experiences.

High Points

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