Orega Gustavia

Opened in 2015, Orega is the new master of Franco-Japanese gastronomy, and our personal recommendation for a bold, surprising festival of flavors we guarantee you will find nowhere else

The Place

Located on rue Samuel Fahlberg, just steps away from Gustavia’s lively and picturesque harbor, a small, light-painted local abode is home to Orega, foodies’ new darling restaurant. We have had the opportunity, in this new establishment, to sample some of the best Japanese fusion food, with unique and audacious flavors that make every mouthful a Nirvanesque experience. From their range of maki rolls to starters and hot dishes, there is a little bit for every taste, but each one delivers a rare experience of culinary genius. Our advice for an unforgettable experience: the signature Kobe beef or the local Mahi Mahi prepared Orega style. To bring your dinner to a smashing close, their yuzu lemon tart is to die for. A must-try.


The owners’ philosophy behind Orega was quite simple, yet very effective: he was the first restaurant to bring such a culinary experience to St Barth, as it can be considered the island’s first and only purest Franco-Japanese fusion establishment. Having spent years in Japan discovering traditional flavors and techniques, he is committed to delivering a fresh experience of Japanese food, with accents from the French cuisine. The owners also possess the Ortega by Kate Kova gallery, whose works beautifully decorated the Orega premises.

High Points

Franco-Japanse fusion food, fine dining, new restaurant, must-try