Oui Chef

Private chef services with a French chef from breakfast to dinner : David Lestas will share his passion for food through every bite

About David Lestas

Born and raised in picturesque Normandy, David grew up in his family’s restaurant, where a passion for food and good produce, handed down for generations and generations, was virtually everywhere. Watching his mother cook and learning his family’s secret recipes fuelled David’s growing passion for cooking. ‘From Normandy to London, Paris and St Barths, my journeys inspired my skills and passion for food’ he says. Only using local produce and his unparalleled skills, David is a perfect choice for enjoying first-class meals in the comfort of your own home.


David is in connection with St Barth’s premium butchers and fishermen to deliver only the best products to his clients. From breakfast to lunch and dinner, your private chef will prepare delicious meals bearing in mind your preferences and allergies if any. Further to this, David has five three course gourmet menus from which to choose from, inspired by his travels and expertise: the ‘St Barths menu’, a celebration of our island’s resources, the ‘Asian Influence menu’, inspired by the wonders of the Far East, the ‘Sunset menu’, fusion food at its best with influences from Spain, the ‘Caribbean menu’, perfect for discovering the diverse culinary heritage of the West Indies, and finally the ‘Mediterranean menu’, an ode to the fresh products of everyone’s favorite sea.

© Credit Photo : Michael Gramm, Max VanderNoot