The Rivieras moccasins excel on being simple and adaptable, in all circumstances. Throughout the years, they have became a not-to-be-missed kind of shoes.

Rivieras leisure shoes

After the inauguration of the first Rivieras boutique in June 2014, in Paris-Le Marais (France), flagship and/or pop-up stores successively took turns in Jakarta (Indonesia), Seoul (South Korea) and Ibiza (Spain). The following year, in December 2015, it appeared as an evidence to open a boutique in St Barts, the place of leisure, the far-away-from-megalopolis island.
The conception of the interior design is based on refined-profile units, associating light-color carpets, brass and wood. The shelves, specifically scaled on the shoe boxes, have amovible artwork and adapt to the collections, seasons and inspirations. Graphical and colorful, the 70’s-inspired design adds visual effects, opening on the sea, to enhance this hedonistic and elegant luxury. This evolutive environment, half-way between a pool house in Palm Springs and a vintage yatch lounge, is the signature look of Rivieras.

Origin & Concept

Rivieras was created in 2009 by Dan Amzallag and Fabrizio Corveddu, about a single product: a posh and casual canvas moccasin. From the fine sands of beaches to the urban macadam, Rivieras is harmoniously balanced between sleepless nights and bright sunlight. Having 3 levels of aeration (10, 20 and 30°C), the collection adapts to all seasons. New colors and new materials expand the selection; collaboration with other brands and/or artists for limited editions enrich the collection.

Why Rivieras

Relaxing on the beach or partying throughout the night, or both, Rivieras offers a wide range of colors and fabrics that will grant your wish for luxury, comfort and style.