Ultimate Center

St Barth’s leading specialist in electro-stimulation and personal training using high technologies

Ultimate center has closed after Hurricane IRMA

About Ultimate Center St Barth

 Ultimate Center is St Barth’s first expert in personal training and coaching, using only the latest high technologies such as Miha Bodytec, Huber Motion Lab and Vital Dome, as well as expert coaching and personal training for those seeking to become or stay in shape.

Miha Bodytec

Is an Electric Muscular Stimulation (EMS) technology that is often qualified as ‘personal traning of the future’ and promotes muscular stimulation through low frequency impulses, which your muscles oppose in a dynamic way. This method multiplies the results by 18 from classic heavy lifting training. This type of exercise can be done once or twice a week, and can be performed by virtually anyone: men and women seeking weight loss in a few weeks, high level sportspeople looking to improve their performances and even seniors looking to stay in shape.

The Huber Motion Lab

Offers all the benefits, in only one session, of cardio-training, stretching, Pilates, core workout, muscle toning and posturology. After a custom evaluation of your capacities, your coach will offer you a complete program adapted to your needs.

The Vital Dome

Is a relaxing treatment with many physical advantages: stress relief, improvement of sleep quality, natural defences reinforcement, slimming and firmness restoring treatment, skin purification and rejuvenation, as well as aiding physical recovery and stress management for high-level sportspeople.

Ultimate Center also offers private coaching with professional and competent personal trainers who, through their expertise, will offer you a personalised sports program based on your capacities, availability and objectives.


In partnership with the prestigious Eden Rock Hotel, Ultimate Center is dedicated to high technology and high-level sports coaching and personal training, and has been recognised for its excellence in this domain.

For example, Ultimate Center offers a Day Pass, which includes 1 Miha Bodytec or Cardio-Boxing class, 1 Huber Motion Lab, 1 Vital Dome spa session, a fresh juice and water, a private coach session and a taxi service between your place and the center for only 380euros for one person or 350euros/pers. for two people. Please note that all the coaching prices are available for the center only, and a session outside the center may involve an extra charge.

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Saint Barthelemy Anse des Lezards, Saint Barthelemy
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