Kate Kova

Kate is a local artiste



Kate Kova studied painting, sculpture and music at the school of Fine Arts in her native Ukraine prior to immigrating to Canada in 1998. She started her painting career in Montreal where she pursued her studies in art. Her artistic vision has also been shaped by frequent travels all around the world. Having experimented with multiple media, Kova has begun to devote all of her considerable energy and passion to the essence of painting. Relegating subject to secondary status gives full expression to a creative process that navigates between figurative and abstract. Despite her young age, Kova has already garnered much praise and numerous accolades. Since 2013, she lives and paints on our island Saint Barthelemy, exhibiting her most recent paintings at Ortega Art Gallery.

1) Current state of mind ?

I am completely absorbed in creation; I am discovering new materials and manners to create my works. I am excited by the arrival of the prestigious regatta «The Bucket » and I am looking forward to presenting my new works.

2) What have you recently discovered in St Barth ?

I discovered the « 25 Quarter » and « Barth » where I now often go for lunch.

3) Read of the week ?

« L’Horizon à l’Envers » by Marc Levy, a book that lets you travel through all kinds of different emotions.

4) Your favorite health spot ?

The sunset at the Colombier viewpoint, I also like to walk in Toiny in the afternoons.

5) Your favorite place to eat ?

Orega, our restaurant, I encourage my partners, who are my husband Greg and our chef Rizal. After having taken part in the complete design of the restaurant, I feel at home and satisfied.

6) What is your idea of a perfect day in St Barth ?

Enjoying the island for everything it offers us, the weather, the sea, walks, picnics on the beach, sailing and beach volleyball!


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