About St Barts Island

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Live WebCams  St Barth
Live WebCams St Barth Find webcams around St Barth island in live. Stay updated in any situation with our live cams.
Rémy De Haenen Airport
Rémy De Haenen Airport Since its inauguration in 1984, the airport is knowned as Aéroport St-Jean–Gustav III, named after King Gustav III of Sweden, under whose reign Sweden obtained the island from France in 1784 (and sold it back to France in 1878), when Swedish Minister of Communications, Hans Gustafsson, inaugurated the terminal building of the Gustaf III Airport. You might then wonder why, while passing the airport building, the name Rémy de Haenen is written. Who is he?
Climate & Weather
Climate & Weather Located in the North part of the Lesser Antilles archipelago, St Barts benefits from an ideal tropical climate all year round.
Where is St Barts?
Where is St Barts? St Barts is an island of the French West Indies located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean.
Formalities & Visas
Formalities & Visas In order to encourage tourism, the authorities of St Barth have decided to facilitate the entry on the soil: for nationals of certain countries, only an ID or a valid passport is sufficient.
Practical informations
Practical informations Here are a few tips you might want to know about the island, to make sure you will enjoy your vacations like in paradise!
How to come to St Barts?
How to come to St Barts? Whether you prefer to take a boat or a plane, or both, there are several ways to reach the island of St Barts.
St Bart's history
St Bart's history Throughout its history, St Barts was successively Spanish, French, Brittish, French again, Sweden, and once more –and for good!– French. There is always a lot to appreciate from such a multicultural area…
Highlights St Barts offers a lot of possibilities to get entertained: water activities – like diving, snorkeling, swimming, standup paddleboarding, surfing, sailing, sunbathing… – or land-based activities – hiking, discovering the local flora and fauna, working out, shopping… Also, to pace the year, a wide range of festivals and events supplement the island activities.
Villages Spread all on the island, whether on the leeward or on the windward side, several villages are worth a visit, each for its own reasons.
How to bring my pet?
How to bring my pet? If you don’t imagine being far away from your furry or feathery best friend, you will be required to fulfill formalities for the pet you wish to travel with to St Barts.