A few suggestions to be entertained throughout the year in St Barts.


November – St Barth Gourmet Festival, a taste of St Barts
The Saint Barth Gourmet Festival, now a yearly not-to-be-missed event, allows, thanks to gastronomy –one of the main activities on the island– to keep the attractiveness of St Barts for guests and locals, both willing to discover the haute cuisine in a friendly atmosphere. Eight restaurants are partners of this main event: Cheval Blanc, l’Eden Rock, Le Guanahani, Le Sereno, Le Taïwana, Le Christopher, Le Tom Beach and Le Barthelemy. They host 8 famous Chefs specifically coming for the occasion to cook a 4-set or an 8-set menu. Bon appetit! Informations

November – St Barth Cata Cup
On this boat’s race occasion, in November, competitors will race for the unique experience of the Formula 18 and the pleasure of sailing in the best weather conditions of the St Jean Bay. Prestigious boats such as GC32s, Tornados, Flying Phantoms, Class 40s and Diam 24s will confront to each others in a breathtaking race, gathering all kinds of nationalities. A must to see boats flying above the water! Informations

December – Christmas Spirit on the Stars Island
We all have our own idea of how Christmas should look like. For some of the most famous showbusiness people, Christmas can not be spent anywhere else than on St Barts island: actors, singers, producers and some of the most influent people of the planet come to the island for the holiday celebrations. Sunny Christmas!

December – New Year’s Eve
The island is at its zenith for the new year’s eve festivities. Hotels, villas and restaurants are fully booked, shops and boutiques burst into colors and show their most beautiful and/or excentric clothes, shoes and acccessories, the wine cellars take out their tastiest bottles of wine and champagne, caviar will be served at breakfast, Champagne at tea time… The sea itself is wearing jewels, with the most beautiful and impressive boats and yachts like The Serene, The Rising Sun, The Limitless, Le Grand Bleu, The A, The Luna, L’Eclipse (owned by billionaire business Roman Abramovich, who usually invites superstar bands at his villa, like The Red Hot Chili Peppers, King Of Leons, The Black Eyed Peas, Prince, The Rolling Stones, The Black Keys…). For a moment, anything can happen, everything is permitted, luxury and splendour are the key words, but the island never looses its friendly atmosphere. Don’t miss the party when it reaches its climax, and have a… Crazy New Year!

January – Russian New Year’s eve
After having spent New Year’s eve in St Barts, lots of Russian hosts like to extend their stay on the island until Russian New Year. Vodka and caviar are obviously the ceremonial for this event. Playing the game, the local shops and boutiques are adorned accordingly, and the bars and restaurants offer special Slavic menus for the occasion, allowing all-nationality hosts and locals to be part of the festivity and find out about the Russian traditions and culinary arts. “S novym godom!”

January – Music Festival of St Barthélemy
This music festival runs for about 2 weeks of a performing arts festival unlike any other in the world. More than a dozen nights of the finest livee music and dance performances in intimate concerts by some of the world’s most prominent classical, opera, ballet and jazz stars. Local churches and community halls host some of the best music and dance performed by musicians from symphony, orchestras and philharmonia frome everywhere: Montreal, Boston, New York, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, London, Paris… Singers come from the Metropolitan Opera, the New York Opera, the Lyric Opera of Chicago, La Scala of Milan… And dancers have performed with the Amercian Ballet Theater of NYC, the Paris Opera Ballet, the San Francisco Ballet, the Boston Ballet, the Bolshoi Company of Russia… Let’s tune in! Informations

February or March – The Carnival
The Carnival has always been the biggest parade of the island. Everyone dresses up, either individually, or in a group. During this special day, everyone is ought to give free rein to their imagination, to celebrate life, to flirt and drink the special islands beverage, the Planteur, a mix of rum and fruit juice. Some groups create carnival floats for the parade that gathers the whole island: schools, bars, restaurants, take this oportunity to choose a theme, and decorate trucks and wear costumes: Pirates of the Caribbean, Mad Max, Pinaple Girls… among many others. Get dressed!

March – St Barths Bucket Regatta
The St Barth’s Bucket Regatta has now become a key event. At this occasion, the most beautiful and the biggest sailboats meet to race around the island for 3 days. Imagine the sea covered with a luxury sailing-ship fleet, celebrations on the wharf, competitive spirit, but always in a warm and friendly mood: at night, all crews meet to celebrate together their performance. On your decks, get set, go! Informations

April – Les Voiles de St Barth
Created in 2010 by 2 friends, François Tolède and Luc Poupon, this yearly beautiful and impressive event brings more than 80 boats and 1000 sailors from all over the world to compete. The ideal combination of sportsmanship and conviviality has alwayas attracted many competitors and spectators. Richard Mille and Gaastra are the main sponsors of this race since the first edition. All hands on deck! Informations

May – Theater Festival of Saint Barthélemy
The 2 local associations SB Artists and Côté Scène organize one whole week of theater shows, gathering artists coming from the neighboring islands and from metropolitan France. Curtains up! Informations

July – St Barth Jam Musik Festival
Musicians from all the Caribbean perform during this music festival created in 2005. Three days of free concerts, 3 days of party, 3 days of pure Caribbean music and dance. We wanna jammin’ with you! Informations

August – St Barth Summer Sessions
Every year since 2009, the St Barth Summer Sessions, put together by La Plage, hosts worldwide artists on the island for 10 days of concerts and live music. As an example, the 2016 edition welcomed Nik West, Little Hurricane, DJ Milo Hafliger, DJ Canicule Tropicale… Let’s dance! Facebook page

August – St Barth Family Festival
Every summer, Carole Gruson from the Ti St Barth lights up St Barth’s nights with legendary hot sound, a real musical fireworks. Party time! Informations

Have fun!