St Barts Beaches And Bays

St Barts is blessed with some of Caribbean’s most spectacular beaches and bays. Let’s take a look on the most beautiful white-sugar beaches World-renowned

Anse des Cayes Beach
Anse des Cayes Beach Anse des Cayes literally means cove of corals when translated from French. True to its name, this beach is sheltered by shallow rock, sand and coral formations along its shores. A sandy cay is formed by the action of the tides and the winds, and by the accumulation of reefs, over a fairly long time.
Shell Beach
Shell Beach Probably the most frequented beach on the island, Shell Beach is the only beach located in Gustavia, the capitol of St Barths. True to its name, this is the only beach where one can find an inexhaustible amount of small shells. The shells found on this beach weren’t always there; they were brought in from the harbor in the 60s.
Public Beach
Public Beach This beach is located in the commercial port area, making it less adapted for leisure but is front line and center for those who want to observe the channel and the sailboats, yachts and other boats entering and leaving the Gustavia harbor.
Flamands Beach
Flamands Beach Flamands is the largest beach on St Barts, with its wide stretch of fine white sand; it is one of the most generous sandy beaches for long walks and sunbathing. Flamands is home to numerous restaurants and hotels, so one can always find a place to grab lunch or lounge on a beach chair for the day.
Corossol Beach
Corossol Beach Corossol beach offers the most authentic St Barths village beach experience. This quaint and tucked away little beach offers views on the extended anchorage and is home to many colorful local fishing boats. This beach is perfect if you are seeking peace and quiet or wish to see a more local minded beach.
Gouverneur Beach
Gouverneur Beach Gouverneur beach is one of the most sought out beaches by tourists. The drive down to this white sand beach is quite impressive, it offers a wide overview of the beach itself nestled between its wild cliffs and surrounded by Crystal Clear Turquoise Ocean. Its spectacular view from the road makes this spot a great place for you to go for an exercising walk or jog.
Saline Beach
Saline Beach Saline may arguably be one of St Barths most popular beach. With abundant parking and an iconic access, Saline is worth the detour. Once at the entrance, this beach offers a wild and untouched short 3min walk to the beaches entrance, which is truly picture perfect.
Maréchal Beach
Maréchal Beach This little slice of paradise is located right by the Guanahani Hotel, which you will have to pass through in order to get there. Anse Maréchal is one of most hidden and private beaches on the island. Its white sand and majestic palm trees give you the impression of being lost on a stranded island, having it all to yourself.
Grand Fond Beach
Grand Fond Beach This wild and untouched beach is one of the few beaches where swimming is prohibited due to the rapid currents and dangerous undertow. It is great for treasure hunting as the majority of the beach is covered in washed up corals and intricate shells, perfect for souvenirs or natural home decorations.
Toiny Beach
Toiny Beach Toiny is one of the less frequented beaches of St Barths, due to its risky undertow and hazardous currents, which makes this beach one of the few non-swimming beaches in all of St Barts. However, it is known for its local surf spot, by only the most adventurous and experienced.
Marigot Beach
Marigot Beach Marigot beach is located close to the roadside and has limited parking spots, making it one of the less frequented beaches. However, this is one of the best ones for snorkeling, as it is part of the Natural Reserve of St Barts, meaning that it is a protected area: fishing is not allowed.
Lorient Beach
Lorient Beach This beach is an “all-in-one’’ for everyone. There is plenty of space to sunbath or chill under the shade of its tropical trees. It is known as the most versatile surf beaches, as it offers three distinct breaks: this beach is where most of the local kids take their first wave and where pros find as well their bliss.
Petit Cul-de-Sac Beach
Petit Cul-de-Sac Beach Petit cul de sac is a less popular beach than others but it has a charm of its own. It is small and secluded cove, great for those seeking tranquility and shade. This beach is part of the natural marine reserve which makes it a good location for snorkeling.
Grand Cul-de-Sac Beach
Grand Cul-de-Sac Beach This Beach is part of the marine natural reserve and is very shallow, especially in the very middle of the lagoon. The beach itself is quite narrow and thin, so not ideal for sun bathing, however is the go to beach in terms of water sport and activities.
Saint-Jean Beach
Saint-Jean Beach St Jean, a large and central St Barts beach, divided into two parts by the famous Eden Rock Hotel, perched upon the iconic peninsula, is known by two names; St Jean Beach on the left, and St Jean Pelican Beach on the right.
Saint-Jean Pelican Beach
Saint-Jean Pelican Beach St Jean can be quite the chameleon of all beaches here, as on different days of the week, in different periods of the year, it can range from the most quiet and peaceful familial gateway, to the most eventful and well-known party ambiance during the day.
Petite Anse Beach
Petite Anse Beach Tucked away between Flamands and Colombier is a truly remarkable picturesque little cove, named Petite Anse, a favorite for locals. This small pool-like beach is unbelievably peaceful. Parking and lounging space is very limited, as there isn’t much sand left after years of natural eroding.
Colombier Beach
Colombier Beach This beach is a must-see. Accessible only by foot or boat, this is one of the most secluded beaches on St Barths. There are two hiking trails to get to Colombier, one is at the very end of Flamands, which is the easiest of both trails, and the other descends from the top of Colombier, by the lookout point.