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Surfers, snorkelers and families can find easy parking here, as well as refreshments right across the street, either at one of the two local markets, or at the original surfer’s cheeseburger shack, Jojo Burger.
If you are planning on going in the morning, stop in and grab a croissant or any other pastry at La Petite Colombe, also located right across the street.
Lorient is a great family beach on the south end, where kids can play around in the calm tidal pools and enjoy the wide stretch of beach.
We highly recommend snorkeling in Lorient, the variety of marine wildlife near the shoal is stunning, and sea turtles are almost always seen not far from the shore.

Near both entrances to this beach are two of the islands resting places, a special type of forever home, full of vibrant colored flowers and decorations against all white backgrounds.
In the evening of October 31st in celebration of La Toussaint, a holiday in which families gather to light candles for their loved ones, these burial grounds light up in an impressive show of faith and community.