Good forĀ Snorkelling, Swimming, Picnics, Families, Hiking, Sightseeing

This beach is amazing for picnics and day long beach trips, and the walk to and from Colombier has amazing and breathtaking views.
The hike down takes approximately 30minutes, we highly suggest wearing sneakers and sun hats, as well as bringing along an adequate amount of water and snacks, as there are no restaurants or hotels around this beach.

The trail debuting at the top of Colombier is not recommended for elderly and small children, the walk back can be strenuous and demanding.
The trail starting directly off of the end of Flamands is easier but physical in any case, hiking around noon hours is not advised unless you have the necessary sun protection.
Colombier is great for snorkelling, where at times you may come across hundreds of enormous orange starfish, making your underwater sightseeing quite a memorable experience.
For more experienced swimmers and snorkelers, we recommend lounging the rocky outskirts of this beach, where you will find an array of booming sea life.
We advise checking the wind conditions before heading to Colombier, as on very windy days the sand is easily picked up by the winds and can be quite unpleasant.
As most of the more popular beaches here, the touristic season can affect the ambiance and foot traffic on this beach. Some days, especially on Sundays, the anchorage here is full of boats and small yachts, making this one of the more crowded beaches at times. But during other seasons when there are less people, you can sometimes be lucky enough to get the entire beach practically to yourself.