Sunset  |  Pic-Nics | Snorkeling

Gouverneur is an unbelievable beach for snorkeling, you may come across squids, sand dollars and on extremely clear days, the ocean floors will truly take your breath away.

It is a great beach for pic nicking with friends or family, please always keep in mind to pick up after yourselves, keeping our beaches clean is a top priority.

Legend has it that a French pirate by the name of Monbart hid his treasure on this beach long ago.


For experienced swimmers and athletes, the swim from Gouverneur to Shell Beach on the right side is quite an adventure. Make sure that the ocean is calm and that there are no swells for this particular swim and bring along a mask and tuba to fully enjoy what the underwater world has to offer.

If you come during the morning or midday we advise bringing a hat or a parasol, if you come during the end of day bring refreshments and enjoy the receding light over the hill for a magical visual transformation