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If you venture all the way down to the right side of the beach, you will reach the entrance of the trail, which lead to the wild and coveted natural pools of Grand Fond, a truly majestic destination.

When the weather and especially the waves permits, this beach is known to attract only the most experienced and daring surfers as the break and shallow reef is not to be taken lightly.


Although swimming is not permitted and it is not the most ideal or convenient beach to lounge on, it remains one of the nicest beaches on the island for its raw natural beauty and powerful energy.

If you an early bird, we recommend walking along the beach at sunrise, where the sun peaks right over the hill of Toiny and gives way to a spectacular beam of light that will leave you in awe for the rest of your stay.


©Photo: Max VanDerNoot

With the growing construction and deterioration of wild areas on most of the island, this is a good way to ‘step back in time’ and get to experience the true, wild beauty of a completely unaltered part of the island.