Snokeling  |  Families | Pic-Nic

Petit cul de sac is a bit of a rocky beach, not ideal for swimming however the small tidal pools are great for children to splash around in, and be sure to always keep an eye out for eventual sea urchins who favor these rocky areas. Once you cautiously get past the rock formations on the shore you can head out with a mask and tuba and enjoy a relaxing snorkeling experience, most of the marine wildlife will be found by the outskirts of this bay. This beach is great for pic nicking, as it is covered with Caribbean grape vines that offer adequate shade.


For the more adventurous we recommend hiking to the natural pools which are well tucked away but worth the 30-45min hike to get there. Always make sure to check the weather and ocean conditions beforehand, the pools are located right off the coast which can make this trek dangerous when the ocean is rough or windy. You will need sneakers suited for rocky terrain and bottles of water, as well as a cell phone in case of emergency. The start of the hike is at the very right of the beach, then you will follow the cliffs above the shore until you reach another coral filled beach, at this point you head straight up the hill while lounging the houses. One up top the direct trail to the pools is straight down to the left side, please use the utmost precautions while heading down and around the cliff sides, once at the bottom it will be another 5min walk to the left and voila, you’ve made it!