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Pelican Beach is home to the notorious Nikki Beach, a place to see and to be seen, especially during the high season, known for its champagne showers and themed Sunday parties. This is a must-go-to beach if you are looking to have a great time with hip music and exceptional service. This said, it is also one of the most ideal beaches for small children and families during the low season, as the ocean is very calm and peaceful, particularly in the spring and summer months.
We recommend snorkeling around the Eden Rock, as well as trying stand-up paddle boarding.

This beach is located in the heart of the shopping area of St Jean, where you can find dozens of boutiques surrounding the Nikki beach restaurant, as well as many more further down to the right, at La Villa Creole, one of the very few shopping centers on the island.
More than twenty years ago, there use to be a restaurant on this beach called Le Pelican, which was unfortunately swept away by hurricane Luis in 1995. This part of St Jean takes its name after this particular restaurant, as well as the abundance of pelican birds that use to flock the boats in this bay. The pelican bird is a quintessential part of St Barths history: it can be found on the St Barts flag.