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This beach remains one of the more uninhabited beaches, surrounded by sand dunes adorned with Caribbean grape trees and other diverse fauna. This beach is wide and generous and offers both a “family” end to the left, along with a “nudist” end on the far right and everything else in between.


Saline is a good beach to walk or jog on close to the shore, be sure to wear a sunhat or cap during mid-day hours.

Shade on Saline beach is very scarce; do anticipate the correct coverage in terms of sun block and sun hats.



If you wish to have lunch while in the Saline area, there are several of some of the best restaurants on the island not too far away, including Le Grain de Sel, L’esprit de Saline and Le Tamarin.


If you venture to the end of the right side of the beach you can find a small tide pool, alongside a canal, which was used to flood the salt marshes in order to collect salt once they dried up.

Although the salt trade is no longer an active export, it was at one point a big occupation by local folk; these marshes are a true and timeless cultural heritage of this island.


Don’t forget your can if you’re smoker !