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Shell Beach is home to one of the best beach restaurants of St Barts, the Do Brasil, where you can enjoy lunch, dinner, and enjoy an unbelievable sunset with cocktails, especially during the winter months.


This beach is easily accessible and offers a myriad of activities such as great snorkeling, cliff jumping and cave diving for the more experienced when the weather permits.


You can also rent a seabob and let yourself be effortlessly tugged along while enjoying the beauty of the underwater scenery.

Although beautiful, the shells can be rough on the feet, therefore we recommend keeping your shoes on, for small children and new comers, until you find your lounging spot.

There are many boulders throughout the length of the beach, which are ideal for people seeking more privacy and shade.


We highly recommend hiking up to Fort Karl, which gives way to an impressive view of Shell Beach as well as Gustavia.

Fort Karl is situated behind the local junior high school, a short ten-minute walk from the beach.

This Fort erected in 1789, one of four, was built to protect the main town of Gustavia from any outside threats